Modern Day Parable

Modern Day Parable — The Parable of the Upside-Down Wii Remote

And he told them this parable: 

“A boy wanted to play Wii; the cow-racing game to be specific. He loved playing his game and his father loved watching the boy play and be happy. One day while playing Wii, the boy was unknowingly playing with the remote upside down. Every time he tried to make the cow turn right, the animal would turn left and crash into a wall. Every time the boy tried to turn his cow to the left, the animal would slam into the wall on his right. The boy cried out in anguish as he lost game after game. The father, always watching, walked towards his child to show him that his remote was upside down; but thinking his father was about to take away the remote, the boy cried even louder and shielded the remote from his father.

‘No, daddy, it’s mine!’ the boy screamed, liquid streaming from his eyes and nose.

The child continued to lose game after game. Each time the father tried to correct his son, the son would scream and cry out,

‘No, daddy, it’s mine!’

At last the teary eyed boy, exhausted from shielding the remote from his father, allowed him to draw near. The father smiled gently as he lifted the remote from his son’s tiny hands and turned it right-side up.

‘You had it upside down, son.’ The father said.

‘You had it upside down.’

–thanks to @aslaten


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